What a nice way to spice up a Wedding!:AgentPX

What a nice way to spice up a Wedding!

Funny Wedding First Dance This post is a compilation of wedding “First Dance” with surprises. The wedding couples in the video suddenly turned wacky in the middle of a serious music.

Here is a summary that will surely make you watch all of them.

  • The way you make me feel Wedding couple -  Wow just wow!
  • The Vanilla Ice Wedding couple - Imagine wiggling and dancing in your evening gown!
  • The Evolution of Wedding Dance? – I like the stamina of the Groom with his body built!
  • The Robot Wedding couple – Thank you very much Mr. Roboto. The video author claims that this is the original “First dance”

I enjoyed all of them very much so I am sure you will too!


The way you make me feel Wedding couple.


The Vanilla Ice Wedding couple.


The Evolution of Wedding Dance.


The Robot Wedding Couple

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