Make The Girl Dance " Baby Baby Baby":AgentPX

Make The Girl Dance " Baby Baby Baby"

French electro group releases their new video for the hit single, Make the Girl Dance. This is Definitely something out of the ordinary because Three girls in their skinny outfit walks in the city of Paris naked while singing “Baby, Baby, Baby” for their MTV.

I don't know how they did this but some say it’s ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to walk in Paris (or any other city, but especially. Paris) naked for such a long time without being arrested. So, it’s a fake.

Other say the girls are probably wearing pasties.. not completely naked. but then again.. who knows.

And the most funny comment is, anyone know the names of those 3 girls?

Well, My choice is the second girl. Which one you like? Check it out!


WARNING: If you are below eighteen (18) years old do not play the Video Naughty boy.


Dont forget to watch a Parody of this MTV entitled Make the Boy Dance “La la la”


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