A Fun way to deal with Swine Flu (wash your hands too)

I cannot take this anymore! Just watch it quick.



More from the Video Author:

Hilarious parody of Wonder Girls' "Nobody" by mrbrown and gang, also their take on the latest swine flu pandemic. I decided to put the MTV and their funny rendition together, and oh my, the dance moves just seem to work well with the new lyrics!

And here is the original "Nobody" by Wonder Girls.


Can’t understand a word? Then watch it in English Version.


If your craving for more…here is another one.



I don't want you to TOUCH me baby. You go toilet...
...Never wash hand right?

When you was you body, wash your hands too (2x)

You don't want get swine flu
Or someone pass to you

You better wash your body, your body, your body

H1N1 is confirm no fun
Be careful where you go
US or Mexico
If you have temperature
That means you got fever
Don't just take honey
This flu is not funny

Maybe it's time to wear a mask
Maybe you have forgotten SARS
What ever the weather
Must bring thermometer
Stick it in your armpit or down there!

When you was you body, wash your hands too (2x)

Though the level is yellow
Don't be dirty fellow

You better wash your body, your body, your body

When you was you body, wash your hands too (2x)

Must wash after poo poo
Or germs will stick to you 

Wash more than your body, your body, your body

I know you use finger
Don't let the smell linger
I know you dig gold
And wipe on some pole
Scratch your backside
Think you can hide
You play your below
Take ice for my Milo

Maybe it's time to be hygiene
Maybe you should be quarantined
Don't be a spreader
We stay clean together
We'll pickup the kutus from each other's hair

When you was you body, wash your hands too (2x)

If you think you're infected
Don't blur black go Orchard
Don't pass to somebody, somebody somebody

When you wash you body, wash your hands too (2x)

Must wash after pang jio
The Wonders Girls damn chio

They don't want your body, your body your body

Back in the days when we
Only took a bath monthly
Now looking at you I feel
As sick as Kim Jong Ill

Your breathe smell like kimchi, you see
There's no vaccine eugene
Go wash your body, your body your body
Wash your hands too


More Wonder Girls Blog Posts.

Will you Dance Dance Immolation?


 252px-Dance_Dance_Revolution_PlayStation_cover_art  I’m sure  everyone’s familiar with Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution.

This is the dance game where you follow on screen arrows while jumping around underfoot on a sensitive control panel in rhythm with music.

Now Boing Boing Video brings you a pyro-parody of the popular arcade game which is called “DANCE DANCE IMMOLATION”

The objective of the game is never to miss a step or you’ll get torched with a giant flamethrower in the FACE!!! This is so hilarious.


More from the Video Author:

"Dance Dance Immolation combines video games, music, and propane. You play DDR. A good performance wins you acclaim from flamethrowers. A missed step gets you a face full of fire! Yes, the fire is real. Put on a fireproof suit and give it a try!"

The contraption was created by the clan of happy mutant makers known as Interpretive Arson. We shot this at "How to Destroy the Universe," a yearly Industrial culture event which this year honored Throbbing Gristle's reunion tour.

No Trespassing (Funny)

No Trespassing (Funny) has moved

(click the Image below)

Mga Banat ni Boy #1

Weird and Funny Pictures

Weird and Funny Pictures has moved

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Mga Banat ni Boy #1

Do you know a boy named “Sungha Jung”?

SunghaJung Everybody knows that Britain’s Got Talent “Susan Boyle” is definitely the Internet Sensation of today No questions with that. 

This time a boy deserve recognition because of his extraordinary talent in playing Guitar. Sungha Jung from Korea has been fascinating the YouTube community with his superb skill in strings. He plays Guitar with style that made his presence felt by millions in the Cyber world.

I embedded here three of his videos for you to watch.


I did a research on him and the result is outstanding. Most of his Video clips in YouTube already reached a million views as of this writing.

Let’s see some statistics below.


A) Did you know that Sungha has composed seven pieces.


1. Missing You

2. Voyages with Ulli

3. Starseeker

4. Night Flight

5. Perfect Blue

6. Coco

7. and recently 'Mosel River' .

He arranged one of his favorite songs 'Fields of Gold' by Sting and 'My love' by Westlife

B) His MySpace Profile views is :  779,213


C) Sungha Jung has 9,396 MySpace friends


D) The top 8 of his friends are;


 Ulli Bögershausen  Thomas Leeb   Walter Lupi   Pierre Bensusan 
TOMMY EMMANUEL  Trace Bundy has a NEW Studio CD!   Michel Haumont  Andy McKee 




There are more from his YouTube channel and MySpace account. I say he got style!

#27 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Musicians
#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - South Korea
#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Musicians - South Korea

YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/jwcfree
MySpace Account http://www.myspace.com/jungsungha

Who is Sungha Jung? Korean Pop Sensation. Sungha Jung Rocks! A real Guitar Hero. Guitar Prodigy. Amazing Guitarist on YouTube.Sungha Jung, no larger than his guitar. A boy fro Korea name Sungha Jung. Popular Guitarist. Time after Time Cindy Lauper by Sungha Jung.

Awaken and strengthen your community via Google Friend Connect

If you would notice, I just incorporated Google’s friend connect above the status bar of the browser. That bar is called “Social Bar”.



Many of us follow fellow Bloggers via the “Followers widget” provided by the BlogSpot template. But this widget serves nothing than just collect and display list of your friends.



Now to put that widget more useable, Make it alive  via “Social Bar”. All you have to do is go to “Google Friend Connect” and sign-in using your Google account. After signing in you will see Blog/web sites you added as well as your followers for each.


To Install the Bar, select “Social Bar” under the Blog/Site you wish to have Friend Connect gadgets. Then follow the simple instruction and modify options that suite your needs. There is a button to generate HTML code for pasting into your sites. One thing worth mentioning here is that there is no instruction where to put that code. So I advise that you put the code just above your template’s </body> Tag.

There is an option to put the “Social bar” on the entire site or a selected page. I opted to put the Bar across my site.




Another exciting widget that you can add is the “Add a Sign in gadget” under “Members Gadgets”. This gadget enable visitors to sign in to your site without the hassle of managing a database. If you’re a BlogSpot user, just add an “HTML/JavaScript widget” and paste the code provided in “generate code” button.

Website owners will now be able to use the “Followers widget” which is native to BlogSpot. As BlogSpot user, You may retain the widget already installed on your template or use the version from Friend Connect. I myself replaced the default widget for added control.

The next widget is “Social gadgets” which showcase individual widget  functionality of the “Social Bar” plus more.






I’d like to emphasize the use of “Recommend It” button above. If users recommended an Article in your site, that article will also appear on the “Social Bar” of the site’s where users opted to be a member of. Friends Connect is it?

So common friends lets put the bottom “Social Bar” on this blog into good use.

Google Friend Connect Awaken and strengthen your community. Let’s Socialize!

Note: For future reference. I created a central page for charts/tables/links at this location


Build your community
Anyone can join your site and discover other members by using information from a variety of services, including Google, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL, orkut, and Plaxo, strengthening your community as visitors become members.

Increase engagement
Choose social features from a catalog of gadgets created by Google and the OpenSocial developer community to keep your visitors more deeply engaged with your site and with each other.

No programming required
Simply copy and paste a few snippets of code into your site, and Friend Connect does the rest. Or use the Friend Connect APIs to integrate with existing login systems, social flows, and more.

The Advanced Stage of the swine flu!

This is why it is so important to wash your hands at every opportunity. 

The picture shows the advanced stage of a person with the Swine Flu.


The video shows the actual transformation from human to pig.

Favorite Blogs Award from AgentPX

Here are new a form of back links builder that is spreading like wildfire across the Blogosphere.

~~Begin Copy~~

This seal is called “Favorite Blogs”



This award is given by http://agentpx.blogspot.com  Blogger who gave you the award.

This “Favorite Blogs” is awarded to http://yourblogname.blogspot.com  Put your blog URL here.

This is the easy way and the fastest way to :
1. Make your Authority Technorati explode.
2. Increase your Google Page Rank.
3. Get more traffic to your blog.
4. Makes more new friends.

The rules is very simple as follows :
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can.

Below is the list of my favorite blogs I gave this award because I find their content interesting. (Type in your favorite blogs)


    Please also feel free to grab this Award and pass it to anyone even if they've already received it.


    AgentPX Your name

    ~~End Copy~~

    Start copying by highlighting from Start Copy up to End Copy then press ctrl+A followed by ctrl+C


I first saw this at http://dedeandro.blogspot.com/ The first one is called “Friend Chain Award” When I trace the chain I landed at http://lilyarbee.blogspot.com

And the banner is here.

The second one is called “Kreativ Blogger” which is first seen at http://unboredme.blogspot.com which were originally given by http://ladyinpurple-jazzie.blogspot.com

And the banner is here.

There are rules for both back links builder.


I haven’t receive the two awards above so I created a brand new seal.

Does Digg gets better everyday?


I noticed that hovering your mouse over the yellow Digg button display friends who also dugg a particular topic you are interested in. Use this instead of the “who dugg this?” link.

I should have shouted this instead but there will be no visuals.

Am I too late for this news? Dugg?

How old is Google, Microsoft or Apple?

HowOldIs  While doing a research for some good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools. I came across this utility that allows you to check the age of a website and at the same time lets you to view the original design when it was first made online.

The chart below show the age of top sites today. You may click the link to view the website’s initial design.


No. Domain Name Age
1 google.com 10 years 6 months old
2 microsoft.com 12 years 7 months old
3 apple.com 12 years 7 months old
4 yahoo.com 12 years 7 months old
5 cnn.com 8 years 11 months old


Ever wonder how the original design of Youtube.com looks like back then?

You should try it yourself. Use the tool below to check any website you are interested in. Just enter the domain name and click submit query.

Domain Age Tool
Enter domain name


You also can try this link to see full history of website archives.

Which one is HOT?

Which one is HOT? has moved

(click the Image below)

Mga Banat ni Boy #1

The man who never stop complaining about his job

Speaking of recession, finding a Job today is hard. Finding a good one is also a pain in the butt. The guy in this video hates his kind of job because;

  • He have no labor associations, Trade unions.
  • He don't’ have free Saturdays, Sundays.
  • He don’t have free Holidays.
  • He don’t have a Schedule, a Regulation.
  • 12, 14 hours standing.
  • He want a boss to say congratulations.
  • He want to hear a telephone rings while in a desk.

But before the video here’s one of the worst job in the world.

Create your own caption

Make The Girl Dance " Baby Baby Baby"

French electro group releases their new video for the hit single, Make the Girl Dance. This is Definitely something out of the ordinary because Three girls in their skinny outfit walks in the city of Paris naked while singing “Baby, Baby, Baby” for their MTV.

I don't know how they did this but some say it’s ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to walk in Paris (or any other city, but especially. Paris) naked for such a long time without being arrested. So, it’s a fake.

Other say the girls are probably wearing pasties.. not completely naked. but then again.. who knows.

And the most funny comment is, anyone know the names of those 3 girls?

Well, My choice is the second girl. Which one you like? Check it out!


WARNING: If you are below eighteen (18) years old do not play the Video Naughty boy.


Dont forget to watch a Parody of this MTV entitled Make the Boy Dance “La la la”


Twitterland, Here comes Tag Definition

If you’re a twitter user, you might have seen from Twitter’s home page the “Trending Topics” on the side panel. (see picture below)


Trending Topics sometimes contain what twitter calls a “Hashtag”. Hashtag works like a keyword with a # (Sharp) in front of the word. For example, When you want to recommend someone famous on twitter, there is a hashtag called “#FOLLOWFRIDAY”. The syntax is “#FOLLOWFRIDAY @TwitterUserName” or “#FOLLOWFRIDAY #TwitterUserName”

An example of this is shown in the image below;


Hashtag as far as I know was not defined by Twitter. In fact, even you can create a hashtag of your own. Just prefix a word with a Sharp (#) sign and that’s it.

Now that you know what a hashtag is, there will come a time where you see a hashtag but don’t have any idea what it means. Worry no more Twitterland, here comes Tagdef!


TagDef from the Image above allows you to enter any hashtag to find out the definition.


Here I tried to enter “FOLLOWFRIDAY” from the lookup button. And the result?


Voila! Not only that, below the results you can find samples found in the Twitter Status repository. Take a look at Last Tweets with this tag:tagdef4

If I try to search my Twitter Account “agentpx”, I get no results.


The screen above allows you to enter the definition of a hashtag that is not yet defined. One thing I noticed is how the site controls definition entered by the users. I tried playing with the add definition window using “STARTREK” and here’s what I got.


If you’ll noticed there is a Digg like voting where users can vote for the appropriate definition of the hashtag being search. What happens to wrong definitions? Your guess is as good as mine. Go ahead TwitterFans go to http://tagdef.com now!


Happy Mother’s Day

Mom, this is one’s for you. Treat your mother Right – Mr. T.

Susan Boyle, An example of don’t judge the Book by its cover?

In YouTube, Susan Boyle tops all viral videos even “The Revolution of Dance”, from my last recollection her Britain’s got talent performance already reached more than 138 million views. So to add more popularity to Susan Boyle here are comic pictures of her.




SusanBadGood SusanUs

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