Will you Dance Dance Immolation?:AgentPX

Will you Dance Dance Immolation?


 252px-Dance_Dance_Revolution_PlayStation_cover_art  I’m sure  everyone’s familiar with Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution.

This is the dance game where you follow on screen arrows while jumping around underfoot on a sensitive control panel in rhythm with music.

Now Boing Boing Video brings you a pyro-parody of the popular arcade game which is called “DANCE DANCE IMMOLATION”

The objective of the game is never to miss a step or you’ll get torched with a giant flamethrower in the FACE!!! This is so hilarious.


More from the Video Author:

"Dance Dance Immolation combines video games, music, and propane. You play DDR. A good performance wins you acclaim from flamethrowers. A missed step gets you a face full of fire! Yes, the fire is real. Put on a fireproof suit and give it a try!"

The contraption was created by the clan of happy mutant makers known as Interpretive Arson. We shot this at "How to Destroy the Universe," a yearly Industrial culture event which this year honored Throbbing Gristle's reunion tour.

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