How old is Google, Microsoft or Apple?:AgentPX

How old is Google, Microsoft or Apple?

HowOldIs  While doing a research for some good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools. I came across this utility that allows you to check the age of a website and at the same time lets you to view the original design when it was first made online.

The chart below show the age of top sites today. You may click the link to view the website’s initial design.


No. Domain Name Age
1 10 years 6 months old
2 12 years 7 months old
3 12 years 7 months old
4 12 years 7 months old
5 8 years 11 months old


Ever wonder how the original design of looks like back then?

You should try it yourself. Use the tool below to check any website you are interested in. Just enter the domain name and click submit query.

Domain Age Tool
Enter domain name


You also can try this link to see full history of website archives.

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