Michael Jackson’s death Takes down the Internet:AgentPX

Michael Jackson’s death Takes down the Internet

MichaelJacksonMyIdol Oh my God. Jackson’s death brought down Google and other popular site. Even Twitter had to temporarily disable their searching to avoid the Fail Whale. (Fail Whale always appear whenever Twitter goes down.)

 google-error-small twitter_fail_whale_01

In one Interview he publicly announced that his July’s concert will be his last performance, but that won’t happen now.

Considering that  all  tickets to his concert has been sold out,  many of his fans including me was so depressed because his passing away is such a big lost in the music industry. Michael Jackson, My Idol died today June 25, 2009, California Time.

The video ranking below were all topped by Michael Jackson’s video. The most viewed video is the "Thriller" which has reached 59 million views as of today and still growing.

Click the Image below to see an enlarge video ranking.







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